Instructions For Editing Site

Editing the text of Home, Registration, Coaches, FAQ is the same as before. Either click on the red “Edit” link at the bottom (while logged in to WordPress) or go to Site Pages → Three Dot button on right of Site Page you want to edit → Edit.
To add the images to the home page you need to create a new “Portfolio”. The following are the instructions to create a Portfolio.
  1. Add images to the Media tab
  2. Click on the “Add” button next to the Portfolio tab
  3. Give the Portfolio a title
  4. Write a description
  5. Add images
    1. Create a new line after the description.
    2. Click the “Add” button in the top left corner of the editing panel, then select “Media”.
    3. Select one, or multiple images.
      If you select one image you are done, click “Insert”, and go to step number 6.
      If you have selected multiple images, click “Continue”.
      Change the Layout to Slideshow.
      Change Link To to None.
      Click Insert.
  6. Pick a Featured Image – In the settings area on the right, click on Featured Image and then choose the image you would like to display on the home page.
  7. In the settings on the right, click on Sharing. Uncheck “Willow Glen NJB”, “Show Sharing Buttons”, and “Show Like Button”.
  8. In the settings on the right, click on More Options. Uncheck “Allow Comments” and “Allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks”.
And you’re done! Once you publish, you should see the image on the Home page. Keep in mind you will need to do these steps every time you want to create a portfolio (add an image to the home page).
As a reminder, basically every page can be edited by clicking “edit” in the bottom right hand corner.